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Compare Design Mesh by Characteristics

We have made a positioning map to help you intuitively understand the special qualities of each mesh. Let our mesh free you from fixed concepts. The mesh in our line up have various special characteristics, and we are delighted to invite you to explore the possibilities within.

Compare Design Mesh by Characteristics

Our products

In our product line, this Design Mesh is the strongest, and also has the most texture. Folds are sharp, so we recommend it for folded 3D designs.


Compared to the other Design Mesh, this mesh is woven with the thinnest wire threads, and therefore is the most opaque in the product line.


This Design Mesh feels like fabric. What makes this mesh special is that when folded certain ways, it feels luminous and creates a luxurious and rich setting. In the map you can see it positioned right in between Soft and Silky.


Like the name says, this Design Mesh feels like silk. Super fine stainless steel wires are woven finely with a high opening rate. This keeps the mesh so light, you can hardly feel it. It's mostly transparent, and floats easily in a light breeze.


This Design Mesh has a very low opening rate, making it look completely solid. Among other uses, Gin Maku can be used as a projector screen. The images will be visible on the opposite side in mirror-image, but will precise and clear. It is a versatile mesh.


This Design Mesh is smoothed down so the surface is totally smooth, showing off that shine and luster that only metallic materials have. Compared to the others, this mesh is so sleek that you can hardly believe it's woven. This new texture is what makes it special.