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Clogging Reduced Dramatically
in Special Opening Shape Sieving Mesh

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In the process of fine particle sieving, clogging of mesh openings is the leading reason for falling sieving accuracy. 
In order to solve this issue, different measures are taken, for example, using special sieving machines or applying treatment to the surface of the screen.
Stainless steel wire mesh, compared to other mesh, has high rigidity. Therefore we can produce specialty mesh with a high opening ratio, or any other unique weaving style.
RO-Sieve is a stainless mesh that has been woven to have oblong openings rather than the usual square shape. This mesh is especially useful in sieving round particles because the oblong shape reduces the points of contact between the wire and the particles.
Additionally, because RO-Sieve uses fewer weft wires and therefore has a lower mesh count, it has a higher opening ratio than plain weave mesh of the same count, and because it can be made with thicker wires, it is also stronger and more durable.

Difference of opening

Oblong Opening

RO-25/32tw 0.025×0.032 500×445 0.025 28.1%
RO-25/36tw 0.025×0.036 500×416 0.025 29.5%
RO-25/40tw 0.025×0.040 500×392 0.025 30.8%
RO-34/58tw 0.034×0.058 400×289 0.030 35.0%
RO-45/53 0.045×0.053 330×300 0.032 36.4%
RO-45/72 0.045×0.072 330×244 0.032 40.5%


SV-26/25tw 0.025×0.025 500×500 0.025 25.8% ★2
Difference of opening



We compared the sieving accuracy of basic mesh and RO-Sieve Mesh using a JIS standard round particle sample.


Becasue there was so little clogging, especially at the begining, RO-Sieve performed with high efficiency.