Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Asada Mesh’s fine mesh is used worldwide in state-the-art IT development, and contributes greatly to the realization of these discoveries.

Screen Printing

ASADA MESH provides Technical information about to promote the latest Screen Printing Technology. We are convinced that “A-Standard” is useful for the beginners of screen printing and engineers planning to restructure the manufacturing processes.

Product Information

Our Products for Screen Printing are categorized as Standard, Hardmesh, Supermesh, 3D-mesh and Ultra-Hard mesh. They have their own mesh count, wire diameter, thickness, strength so that it can be selected depending on customers’ needs or printing applications.

Future Development of Finer and Higher Strength Screen Meshes

There was a time when Silk was actually used as a screen mesh hence the expression “Silk Screen Printing” begun to be used, Today, Screen Printing is adopted to produce various Electronics Products such as Multi Layered Ceramic Capacitor, Photovoltaic and Touch Panel. The demand for finer and stronger meshes continues to push Asada Mesh to develop newer materials to fill the needs of our loyal Customers. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is necessary to print finer and more accurate printing images. “We will continue to develop finer and stronger metal meshes to help advance Screen Printing Technology”.

Sieving and Filtration

Our Products are widely used for various fields of Filtration and Sieving applications. Higher tensile Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is excellent in durability and sieving efficiency. Nominal filtration Accuracy of Twilled Dutch 4860 mesh is about 2 to 3 microns.

Technical information

At Asada Mesh, we use technical skill honed over many years to produce wire mesh for high quality sieves and filters. We have an abundant product line of high-accuracy, highly durable, and highly efficient metal mesh which could be the solution to your needs. We will deliver such useful information going forward.

Design Mesh

Asada Mesh’s Design Mesh is a superb material woven with the artisanal skill of Kawachi cotton. At first glance it is hard to believe this mesh is metal. Its special features, non-flammable and high aesthetic value, mean our Design Mesh is used in a multitude of ways in architecture and fashion. Let us introduce you to the beauty and usefulness of metal mesh, so unlike any fabric that has come before.