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Improving High Accuracy Classification
Super Accurate Opening Stainless Steel Mesh

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In order to improve the accuracy of the mesh used in sieving and classification, the opening accuracy of the mesh itself must be improved.
Especially in test sieve classification, where it is used to measure particle size distribution, we aim for the very highest accuracy mesh.
In recent years, even within the car industry, there has been a growing need for lithium ion batteries for EV.
This has lead to a corresponding need for accurate classification of electrode materials and removal of foreign matter.
Even for our 50 micron opening mesh, which has been used for many years in the industry, there is a huge demand for increased accuracy and surface quality.

Comparison of Opening Accuracy of Our Products vs. Overseas Makers

Here at Asada Mesh, our unique weaving technology means that not only do we create mesh with high accuracy opening rate, but we do it to a much stricter standard than JIS or ASTM. In fact, our mesh is used in the standardization of mesh used in sieving as well.
Below is the data from a comparison with overseas makers.

Company A
Company B


Measurements were taken from 1,500 places (500 from the right, 500 from the center, 500 from the left) on products from China, Europe, and Asada Mesh.


Whether it be the measurements from the left, right, or center, when compared to these overseas makers, Asada Products have the smallest variablity in opening size.

Comparison of Opening Accuracy