UltraHard-Type HS-D

Basic Strength Stainless Steel Wire Woven Cloth

Tensile strength of Supermesh HS-D is over 3 times greater than BS- Standard.
Produces more stable and dimensional accurate print plus it has an expected longevity of 2X-3X of conventional meshes.
Screen printing potential will be further enhanced.

Cross Section View
SEM Image


NORMAL Calender
HS-D 650/14 650 0.014 0.025 41% 34 ± 2 23 ± 2
HS-D 500/19 500 0.019 0.032 39% 45 ± 2 25 ± 1
HS-D 360/25 360 0.025 0.046 42% 59 ± 2 41 ± 2 29 ± 1
HS-D 250/35 250 0.035 0.067 43% 44 ± 1
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Characteristic of Ultra Hard -Type HS-D

Our Unique Weaving Technology, Super Strong Stainless Steel Mesh

HS-D Mesh is a super strong mesh created using our unique Asada Mesh weaving technology. It is precisely woven with wire 3 times stronger than what has been used before, and has an opening rate of 40%, making it exceptionally strong under stress. Progress in improving mesh strength has been rapid.

Comparison of Stainless Steel Mesh Strength-Elongation

After production, mesh is placed though a stress-test in the tensile testing machine.

HS-D Mesh is made from wire with 3 times the conventional tensile strength and less than 5% degree of elongation. Therefore, compared to past products, it has a much higher yield point.

Fixed Screen Printing Plate, Non-warping Printing Plate

Even if used at 2.5 times the standard clearance, using the Less-Distortion screen printing mask with HS-D mesh will result in a precise print free of distortions or skewedness.

Dimensional Accuracy Comparison for 100mm Square printing area of Screen  Masks

Distortion comparison experiment, Snap-Off Distance is set much higher than standard printing setting under extreme conditions.


In a comparison with BS500 Mesh, the HS-D500 Mesh measured absolutely less plasticity distortion. 

Holds Steady After 20 Thousand Prints Consecutive Printing Test

In a 20 thousand consecutive print test at 2.5 times the standard Snap-Off Distance, the image distortion rate held steady within ±15 microns.

Tensile Strength Comparison of Stainless Steel Mesh

After All, It’s Got to be Screen Printing!

Because Ultra-strong HS-D Mesh can be used at bigger Snap-Off Distance and with high viscosity paste, screen printing is possible on PET film and other low absorption materials.

Flexible Thermistor Mock-ups

We are able to print a four-layered pattern on one side of a flexible substrate. Even during multi-image printing with a large mask, dimensional accuracy is maintained perfectly.