High Accuracy

The Ultra Fine Sieving Mesh!

Sieve / Filter
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Far from the image of the metal mesh in our daily lives, our stainless steel wire mesh is much finer and the opening size and wire diameter is now less than 30 microns.
The finest metal mesh has a 13 micron opening size and 977 wires in an inch. Compared with traditional wind classifications or electroformed sieves, the highest quality metal mesh is expected to achive higher accuracy, longer life, greater size and cost reduction.

Verifiying Opening Accuracy of 13µ Opening Mesh at Development


Three pieces were chosen from different lots to be the sample. Each sheet was tested in 3000 different places (9000 places total).


The world’s smallest opening of 13µ has an exceptional accuracy of a standard deviation of 2.1µ

Standard Deviation of Opening Size

Expecter Application of Fine Metal Mesh: Solder Powder Sieving

With the downsizing of electronic equipment and components, more than 1000 0603 and 0402 MLCCs are currently installed a single smartphone on average. However, the smaller the component, the smaller the mounting area.
The solder paste particle size is relatively large, about 30 microns, but to install 0603 or 0402 parts, it is necessary to use a special solder paste with small particles such as TYPE 5 or 6. The world’s finest metal mesh is effective for classifying smaller particles.

Solder Particle Size and Appropriate Mesh Count