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Woven Wire Cloth

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Mesh for
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01. About

The core competence of ASADA MESH exists in the manufacturing of ultrafine woven wire cloth.

A mesh dedicated to supreme quality is a reflection of our dignity.

We shall discipline ourselves with unremitting zeal and training to master the technical sophistication
of woven wire meshes in pursuit of authentic quality weavings.

Product introduction

Asada Mesh's fine mesh is used wolrdwide in state-of-the-art IT development, and contributes greatly to the realization of these discoveries.


Screen Printing

Our Products for Screen Printing are categorized as Standard, Hardmesh, Supermesh, 3D-mesh and Ultra-Hard mesh. They have their own mesh count, wire diameter, thickness, strength so that it can be selected depending on customers’ needs or printing applications.


Sieving and Filtration

Our Products are widely used for various fields of Filtration and Sieving applications. Higher tensile Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is excellent in durability and sieving efficiency. Nominal filtration Accuracy of Twilled Dutch 4860 mesh is about 2 to 3 microns.


Design Mesh

Asada Mesh's Design Mesh is a superb material woven with the artisanal skill of Kawachi cotton. At first glance it is hard to believe this mesh is metal. Its special features, non-flammable and high aesthetic value, mean our Design Mesh is used in a multitude of ways in architecture and fashion. Let us introduce you to the beauty and usefulness of metal mesh, so unlike any fabric that has come before.

Asada Mesh's ultra fine mesh is
the backbone of the advanced technology industry.

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