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Wire Mesh
Enter the World of Ultra Fine Metal Mesh
It Will Stimulate Your Creativity.


About Design Mesh

We're masters of precision weaving, and have invented a new type of mesh
unprecedented mesh that will provocate aesthetics and curiosity. We call it "Design Mesh",
and with it we bring you a texture you have never felt before.

Categories of Use

Bring keen aesthetics and functionality to indoor and outdoor architectural decor, unique merchandise,
and fashion. Create a synergetic atmosphere with design mesh. The possibilities are endless.

Merits of Stainless Steel Mesh

The special characteristics of stainless steel mesh are non-flammability, unique metallic shine, and flexibility. Asada's Design Mesh brings all of that to super fine mesh.

Latest News

The latest news and topics from the Design Mesh Promotion Department.

Examples of Our Mesh in Use