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Design Mesh can be sewn together like any other fabric. Stainless steel mesh is not only exceptionally beautiful and stylish, but it has excellent malleability and can be easily folded and wrinkled by hand.

Stainless steel mesh is so finely woven, it's hard to believe it's metal. It is a hidden gem, a new material that exceeds imagination.

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  • Fashion

Metal You Can Sew

Our thinnest Design Mesh has a softness similar to organza. Even though it's metal, it can be sewn just like any other fabric.

Beautiful Wrinkles.

Like origami paper, it can be folded easily, and scrunched up to look like the pleats of a kimono.

photo:Seian University of Art and Design

Design the Light

Design Mesh shines and reflects under light, and refracts the light like a prism when light is shown through it.

Let us guide you to the best mesh for your needs.

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