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Doesn't burn, doesn't rust, lightweight, thin, transparent, reflective, conductive...
where building codes are strict, that's where stainless steel shines. Design Mesh lets you keep form and function.

Release your designs from constraints and explore new possibilities.

  • Architecture
  • Architecture

Where restrictions weigh you down, let us lift you up.

Design Mesh is rust-proof, fire-proof, and durable. As a non-flammable material, it can be used in facilities and stores where fire safety is a concern. Because stainless steel is resistant to rust, Design Mesh can also be used outdoors.

photo by Keiji Okubo

Set the Stage with Light.

Shine a light on our mesh, and watch as it refracts through the mesh, creating a prism-like effect. Your heart will be moved, and the beauty of it will never wane.

Photo by Daisuke Shima

Like Origami, an Ever-changing Appearance

Like origami paper, Design Mesh can be shaped easily. It is so soft and phantasmagoric, it's hard to believe it's metal. Change its shape by wrinkling or folding and create an original luminescence.

Let us guide you to the best mesh for your needs.

Asada Mesh's Design Mesh department is ready to help you.
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