Contributing to innovation and the creation of new technologies by cultivating a relationship between people from various fields

Open Innovation Hub (OIH), is our research and development facility which was established with the aim to work together with our customers to find new value in mesh technology.At OIH we have analytical equipment and other machines related to screen printing and sieving. Our aim is for it to be a technological “hub” for all customers who use stainless steel mesh.


Introduction to Equipment for Screen Printing and Sieving/Filtering

Machines related to Screen Printing

  • Conbination sheet tensioner

    Conbination sheet tensioner

    Max Frame Size
    *if mesh bias is 0

    *if mesh bias is 22.5
    Outer guage dimensions 700mm
    Machine frame dimensions 750mm
    Tension mechanism X/Y axis air pressure
  • オートテンショナー SAT-1515M-LC

    Automatic Tensioner

    Corresponding mesh Size 1000×1000mm 1500×1500mm
    Plate Frame Specifications 320~550×650mm
    Tension mechanism source X/Y axis: Geared motor with brake
    Tension stroke X/Y axis: 0 to 400mm on one side
    Tension Load cell control
    Clamp method Individual toggle clamp,
    When supporting 1500mm sheet, 10/side, 40 in total
  • UV Irradiation Device UVP-1000A

    UV Irradiation Device UVP-1000A

    Max Frame Size 800×800mm
    Light Source Metal halide 3KW GL-30201BF
  • Coating Machine SCM-1200N2-P

    Coating Machine

    Frame Size 320×320mm
    Frame Thickness:16.5~40mm
    Coating Squeegee-Side,
    Print-Side or Both Sides
    Coating Speed 0.1~130mm/sec
    Trough Descent Speed 0.1~260mm/sec
    Tough Pressure Control Automatic Trough Pressure
    Tough Angle Control 20~30°
  • Flat Surface Processing Machine FK-1000A

    Flat Surface Processing Machine

    Acceptable Frame Size 320×320mm
    Dust Roller 2 adhensive roller with static protection type
    Measures for Static Electricity By anti-static brush
    Back Light 40W fluorescent lamp×3
  • Screen dryer with constant temperature room SKT-1000AP

    Screen dryer
    with constant temperature room

    Max Frame Size 1000(W)×1000(H)×40(t)mm
    Storage Capacity Drying room: Vertical capacity 8, Incubator Vertical capacity 6
    Warm air circulation Two blower fans are installed at the top of HEPA
    to circulate from the top to the bottom.
    Dehumidification Drying room: Equipped with heat exchanger
    Incubator: Equipped with incubation and humidity unit
    Temperature setting Drying room: Room temperature to
    50°C Max
    Incubator: 20~30°C
  • Fresnel exposure equipment

    Fresnel exposure equipment

    Max Work size 1000(W)×1000(D)×50(H)mm
    (wt: approx.10.7kg)
    Optical System Pseudo-parallel light
    Fresnel lens
    condenser lens
    Light source Metal halide 3KW
    Irradiation direction From bottom to top
    Effective irradiation area 600×600mm
    Exposure method Vacuum contact method
    (using blower and vacuum pump)
  • Fresnel exposure equipment

    Fresnel exposure equipment

    Max Work size 1000(W)×1000(D)×50(H)mm
    Optical System Pseudo-parallel light
    Fresnel lens
    Quartz Condenser lens
    Light source Metal halide 3KW
    Irradiation direction From top to bottom
    Effective irradiation area 600×600mm
    Exposure method Vacuum contact method,
    crimping method 
  • Screen plate automatic processor

    Screen plate automatic processor

    Effective plate frame Size MIN 320(W)×320(H)×16.5(t)mm
    MAX 1000(W)×1000(H)×40(t)mm
    Development method Spray nozzle vertical drive system
    Measuring method LCD touch panel method Installed on the front right side
  • Ultrasonic mist screen processor

    Ultrasonic mist screen processor

    Developing machine
  • Screen dryer SK-1000AP

    Screen dryer

    Storage Capacity 8Pcs
    Max frame size 1000×1000mm t=50
    Drying method Warm air circulation type
    (with dehumidification & filter)
    Temperature control Set temperature to 50°C
  • Clearance Adjustment MT-320TV

    Clearance Adjustment MT-320TV

    Frame Size320×320mm
    Table Size230(W)×230(D)mm
    Squeegee Speed10~300 mm/sec
    Squeegee PressureMAX 520 kPa
    Clearance Adjustment0~10mm
  • Screen Printer MT-2622TVC

    Screen Printer MT-20050

    Frame Size 450×450mm
    Table Size 360(W)×360(D)mm
    Squeegee Speed 5~300mm/sec
    Squeegee Pressure MAX 400kPa
    Clearance Adjustment 0~10mm
  • Screen Printer MT-14073

    Screen Printer MT-14073

    Frame Size 850×850~1100×1100mm
    flame thickness:30~40mm
    Table Size 700(W)×850(D)mm
    Suction Hole Size 640(W)×640(D)mm
    Squeegee Speed 5~300mm/sec
    Squeegee Pressure MAX 400kPa
    Clearance Adjustment 0.000~10mm
    Squeegee Bias Angle ±5°
    Peel Off 10mm
  • Screen Printer LS-56TVA

    Screen Printer LS-56TVA

    Frame Size 950×950mm
    flame thickness:
    Table Size 800(W)×850(D)mm
    Squeegee Speed 5~600mm/sec
    Squeegee Pressure 70~400kPa
    Squeegee push-in amount -5~10mm
    Snap-Off distance 0.000~20mm
    Squeegee Attack Angle ±5°
    Alignment 30mm, XYΘ-Adjestment
  • GHME-217TNH

    Clean oven

    Method Hot air circulation method
    Operating temperature Normal:150~200°C
    Tank temperature 20~40°C
    Temperature ramp rate Within 60 minutes chamber temperature in 200°C
    Temperature distribution ± 6°C with no load and stable temperature
    Chamber dimensions 1200(W)×900(D)×1500(H)mm
  • High-Temperature Oven HTO-15B

    High-Temperature Oven

    Temperature Range RT+30~500°C
    Temperature Distribution Accracy ±6°C
    Max Temperature Arrival Time Within 90 minutes
    Iintracisternal Dimensions 500(W)×500(D)×600(H)mm

Machines related to Sieving/Filtering

  • Laser diffraction particle size analysis instrument Mastersizer 3000E

    Laser diffraction particle size analysis instrument
    Mastersizer 3000E

    The intensity of the scattered light is measured as the laser light passes between the dispersed particle samples, a particle size measurement is performed, the data is analyzed, and the particle size generated by the scattering pattern is calculated. If the sample is provided, measurement of particle size distribution before and after passing through the mesh can be carried out.

  • Simulation Software

    Simulation Software

    It is possible to easily generate geometric shapes of various material structures that were difficult to generate with a 3D CAD system, and to simulate various material properties affected by microstructures with computer assistance. Virtual structures of various woven fabrics or mesh can be generated by inputtinh the parameters and so on. Using the obtained structure, it is possible to simulate the pressure loss and sieving efficiency when a fluid is passed through the fabric.
    The items that can be simulated are as follows.
    Structure simulation
    Pressure loss
    Filtration efficiency
    Collection efficiency
    Opening distribution
    Bubble point etc

  • 3D Printer Form2

    3D Printer

    Laser Spot Size 85μ
    Laser Specifications 250mW
    Build Volume 145(W)×145(D)×185(H)mm
    Layer Thickness 25-300µm
    XY Resolution 25µm
  • Opening measuring instrument Pore Sizer

    Opening measuring instrument
    Pore Sizer

    Opening size can be measured though light-permeability imaging.

Measuring Equipment

  • Scanning Electron Microscope  SU3800

    Scanning Electron Microscope SU3800

    Magnification ×5 to 300,000
    Acceleration Voltage 0.3 to 30kV
    Specimen Stage X:100mm
    Z:5 to 65mm
    T:-20 to +90°
    Max Specimen Size Φ200mm×t=80mm
    Max Movable Range Φ130mm
  • Ion milling system IM4000PLUS

    Ion milling system

    Item Cross-section Milling Flat Milling
    Gas used Ar(argon) gas
    Accelerating Voltage 0 to 6 kV
    Max Milling Rate ≧500µm/hr
    Max Sample Size 20(W)×12(D)×7(H)mm Φ50×25(H)mm
  • 超微小押し込み硬さ試験機 ENT-5


    Measurement range ±50μm
    Measurement resolution 0.3pm
    Sample size(typical) φ50×t3.5mm
    Measurable area X50mm,Y40mm
    Min. increment 0.1μm
  • Laser microscope VK-X100

    Laser microscope

    Magnification on Monitor 200 400 1000 2000
    Objective Lens Magnification 10× 20× 50× 100×
    Objective Measurement Range Horizontal(H):µm 1350 675 270 135
    Objective Measurement Range Vertical(V):µm 1012 506 202 101
    Measuring range 7mm 0.28"
    Display resolution 0.005μm
    Repeatability σ 0.02μm
    Display resolution 0.01μm
    Repeatability 3σ 0.05μm
    Measurement laser
    light source
    Wavelength Red semiconductor laser,658nm
  • Automatic two-dimensional coordinate measuring machine AMIC-711DC

    Automatic two-dimensional coordinate measuring machine

    Effective Measuing Range X 700mm
    Y 800mm
    Z 100mm
    Objective Lens Magnification ×20 ×5
    Optical Magnification High magnification ×20 ×5
    Low magnification ×6 ×1.5
    Magnification on Monitor High magnification ×665  ×165
    Low magnification ×200 ×50
    Repeatability 3σ≦0.9µm 3σ≦2.1µm
  • Digital 2D Coordinate Measuring Machine EX-7070Y

    Digital 2D Coordinate
    Measuring Machine

    Measuring Range 700×700mm(XY axis)
    Table Size 1000×1200mm(XY)
    Minimum Indication Value 0.001mm
    Measurement Accuracy 5+5L/1000μm 20°C±1°C
    Method of Operation Manual
    Environmental Condition Temperature:15~40°C
    Image Detection High resolution CCD color camera
    Lighting System LED epifluorescence lighting system
    Zoom Lens-Larrel x0.75~x4.5(Approx. 23.6~152x in using 17inch monitor
  • Digital Thickness Measurement Machine MG-500C

    Digital Thickness Measurement Machine

    Range Thickness 0~48mm
    Minimum Indication Value 0.1μm
    Power 223.8g(at standard)
    G-Force 5.5gf/mm2
    Accuracy ±0.001mm 20°C
    Form of Measuring Head Flat head (diameter 7.2mm)
    Work Table Size 800×795mm

Introduction to OIH

Scroll Side
  • 紗張室・作業室
    Stretching / Operation Room
  • 紗張室・作業室
    Pre-treatment Room
  • 紗張室・作業室
    Coating Room
  • 紗張室・作業室
    Exposure Room
  • 紗張室・作業室
    Development Room
  • 紗張室・作業室
    Inspection Room
  • 紗張室・作業室
    Printing Room
  • 紗張室・作業室
    Screen Cleaning Room
  • 紗張室・作業室
    Meeting Room

Message from OIH Team

OIH was established in October 2015 to contribute in the development of new technology and innovation by providing the expertise associating with our fine metal mesh technologies, and to become the place where people from various fields can come together.  
At OIH we also work on introducing the latest mesh used for filtration and sieving applications, and lead basic and applied research in this area.  
The equipment is placed inside a clean-room environment in the appropriate sections for their use. This enables us to go through all the processes, from screen making, printing, and analysis, in the same facility. You can use OIH not only for a training or as a screen making facility but also as a place of technical discussions where you can collect all the necessary data on-site.
We sincerely look forward to your visit and inquiries.

  • Kuroki 6165, Kedoin, Satsumasendai, Kagoshima, 895-1504, Japan
  • Kagoshima Plant
  • Tel. +81-996-55-0204
  • Fax. +81-996-55-1253




Please use our lodging facilities for your stay.  
We offer accommodation for the OIH visitors free of charge. There are two twin rooms and three single rooms available.


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