Interviews with Current Employees

Let us introduce some of our staff. Read about their work and what they think of it, their goals, their dreams, and the things they’ve overcome along the way.

Production Dept. Products Processing Div.
Joined the company in 2010

Production Dept. Products Processing Div.

What do you do?

I cut the woven mesh to the specifications of the order. The size varies according to the order, but the smallest size we have cut is 50mm x 150mm. The number of sheets of mesh also varies, and the most I have seen ordered in the same size is 400 sheets. I cut the mesh to the exact millimeter using scissors or a machine.
In post-production we do other things too like wash the newly woven mesh and handle calendaring.

What’s the best thing about working for Asada Mesh?

We produce something that is used throughout the world in the manufacture of so many different things, and I am very proud of that.
Also, another great thing about the company is that they care about families.
We sometimes have special events for families during our summer festival. For example, we’ve had an event where we explained our work to our children and I really liked that.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

It’s very delicate work, so you really must be very careful and pay close attention. Stainless steel mesh is so fine that if you are even a little rough with it, you’ll wrinkle it. Our thinnest mesh is only 13micron thick, after all.
Another thing is that many people have spent time and effort creating the mesh, so by the time it gets to you, if you make a mistake and ruin it, well, that’s really something you don’t want to happen. You are constantly paying close attention to your every move.

Why did you choose Asada Mesh?

I was working out of prefecture, but I wanted to come back and find work here. The benefits are good, and I knew someone who was already working here, so I thought Asada Mesh would be a good place to work. After starting to work here I saw firsthand that days off and holidays were really taken seriously and that surprised me. In my last manufacturing job, we worked on public holidays. After coming to Asada Mesh, I have much more time with my family, and can fully enjoy my time off.

What kind of person is a good match for your job?

Someone who is dexterous and can do their work carefully step by step. The mesh must be cut to the millimeter, so it would be difficult work for someone lacking a gentle touch. 
Also, we stand the whole time we are working, and don’t really move away from our work stations, which takes more physical strength than you might think. But that said, we have a full hour break for lunch and one 15-minute break each morning and evening. Thanks to that we’re able to concentrate on our work.

How do you spend your time off?

I love camping so I’m often out camping with my family. We sometimes even get together with my coworkers and their families too. It makes me so happy to see my kids having fun.
Once, I wondered if we could do something fun with our company mesh, so I used it on our lantern.

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