Interviews with Current Employees

Let us introduce some of our staff. Read about their work and what they think of it, their goals, their dreams, and the things they’ve overcome along the way.

Production Dept. Weaving Div.
Joined the company in 2007

Production Dept. Weaving Div.

What do you do?

I handle the weaving of the mesh, which is done with stainless steel wires thinner than a strand of hair.
I take the finished mesh of the loom, change the weft wires, measure the openings in the mesh– as each of us does, to ensure we manufacture a great mesh. The machines generally run 24 hours a day, so workers are split into three shifts. 

What’s the best thing about working for Asada Mesh?

The fact that there are things that only people can do. Yes, the machines do the actual weaving, but machines alone can’t produce quality mesh.
We in the weaving department watch the mesh being weaved, fine tuning when necessary, in order to meet the standards of fine mesh.
If something goes wrong during production, it’s up to you to draw on all your experience and skill to set things back to normal– and when you can do that you get a massive sense of accomplishment. So, the best part is that the product is made from your management, knowledge, and skill.


Why did you choose Asada Mesh?

I knew someone who worked here already, and I thought it was great that there was rarely overtime work and weekends and public holidays off, so I thought I’d really like to work here.
After entering the company, I was assigned to the weaving department. My work schedule is four days on two days off, so I often have weekdays off, and because most people choose not to work on weekends, so I can enjoy shopping when it’s not crowded or find other fun things to do. Thanks to that I’ve found many new hobbies.

What kind of person is a good match for your job?

I’ve never been that dexterous but if you are observant, energetic, and optimistic, I would love to work with you.
I think everyone has their strong points, and I think that in the weaving department, anyone can find something they are good at, because there are just so many things that we do. It takes a long time to get the hang of it but weaving the world’s best mesh– that’s a job you can only do at Asada Mesh.

How do you spend your time off?

I’m an outdoors kind of person so I’m often out camping or fishing. We have a company eging club, so I’ll join them sometimes, but I also do other kinds of fishing.

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