Interviews with Current Employees

Let us introduce some of our staff. Read about their work and what they think of it, their goals, their dreams, and the things they’ve overcome along the way.

Sales Headquarters  Sales Division 1 – Domestic & Asia
Joined the company in 2019

Sales Headquarters Sales Division 1 - Domestic & Asia

What do you do?

I handle outside sales. I do things like logistics, guide new projects, and prepare for exhibitions. We get so many orders (which we are very thankful for of course), so I handle communications between customers and the plant to make sure clients get what they need.
I also do things like visit clients regularly, confirm their forecasted needs, and generally do what I can to build and maintain their trust. Right now, I work in domestic sales, but I used to handle international sales as well, so I have been offering my support to the new staff there. 

What’s the best thing about working for Asada Mesh?

It’s that our clients count on us to produce a truly excellent product. We hold a large share of business in the industry, so working in the sales department feels good and things go smoothly.
Another great thing is that the company also has a comfortable atmosphere because people talk to each other regardless of position. And because of that, we can communicate misunderstandings or feelings without reservation.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

For better or worse, there are products that are only manufactured here, so there is no alternative to Asada Mesh. Therefore, should we not be able to provide a certain product, our customer’s manufacturing line could stop completely. That’s why as the head of sales I must always keep close track of demand and our own stock of mesh.
Keeping track of demand can be hard work, but when you can match up demand and supply and fulfil the customer’s request, and they send you their thanks– that gives such a great feeling of satisfaction.

Why did you choose Asada Mesh?

I used to work in the textile industry, and I liked it. When I was looking for new work, I discovered Asada Mesh and was very attracted by the fact that they had the largest share of such a niche industry.
I thought my experience from my previous job would come in handy, but once I started working, I realized that it was completely different from what I was used to.  The thickness and the opening size of Asada’s mesh is strictly regulated, but at my previous job the differences or even damage in each textile was called vintage detailing. I was surprised to find such a major difference in the world of weaving.

What kind of person is a good match for your job?

Someone who likes talking with people, and who is good at building trust. It’s not the kind of sales where you can just give someone a contract to sign. Most of what we do is building a deeper relationship with our current customers. We receive repeat orders for months, even years ahead of time. It’s never a one-time sale.
Also, it’s important to have a sense of curiosity, and the confidence to ask questions. It is a niche industry after all, so someone who does this work must ask questions and have an interest in learning all they can. 

How do you spend your time off?

I play with my daughter and son at the park, go exploring on our bikes. In the summer we fill up a pool in front of our house and play there. I travel a lot for work, so when I’m off I spend time with my family and let myself recharge. 

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