At Asada Mesh, we are proud of our standing in the world, and strive to maintain it through keeping
our social responsibility as a company. That is why we run a number of CSR programs.

Daily life is affected by many different things, from the small actions within a company community,
the neighborhood, the country, and even the community of the world.

Through our CSR programs, we contribute to one and all.

Work Life Balance

“A workplace environment that supports physical and mental health”, “A workplace that is safe and worry-free”: these are the goals of our programs.

Birthdays off

Choose any day of your birthday month as an extra day off, unrelated to the allotment of paid holidays.

Paid Holiday

Taking a paid day off is easy to arrange. In the case that it isn’t, we will work with you to arrange it.

Women-friendly Workplace

In order to make a women-friendly workplace, at both the Osaka Head Office and the Kagoshima Plant, we offer maternity leave and have a 100% rate of mothers returning to work.
In 2020, the Asada Mesh Kagoshima Plant was recognized and registered as a “Satsumasendai City Company Supporting Participation and Advancement of Women in the Workplace”

A “Satsumasendai City Company Supporting Participation and Advancement of Women in the Workplace” is a company that cares for the environment, actively appoints and promotes women, and maintains a healthy workplace for all.


As a proud global company, we have a rehiring policy, disability employment, technical training internships, and other programs.

Reemployment System

Even for those over the retirement age of 60, we have a policy of allowing anyone to interview for re-employment. In 2021, we re-employed 8 people.

Disability Employment

We currently have 2 individuals with disabilities working in various departments.

Technical Training

In 2023 we had 21 people joining us as technical interns. For our Kagoshima Plant event, some interns dress in the traditional costume and share stories of life in their countries to promote cultural exchange.

Staff Gender Ratio

Our male to female employment ratio is 70% :30%
We are aiming full-heartedly to create workplace equality regardless of gender or age.

CSR Activities

We do our best to give back to the community, and as a local company, we hope to be a familiar

Giving Back to the local community

ーLitter Collection around the Plant
Whenever there is an event at the Kagoshima Plant, we make sure to clean up any and all litter
from the surrounding area.
ーCooperation Events
We support a fireworks festival at Imuta Lake, which is where our accommodation facility is.
We take our turn once a month to act as crossing guards for students at our two local elementary

Field Trips for Local Schools

We invite elementary, middle, and high schools (local or out-of-prefecture) to bring students to our
factory for educational field trips. We have students learn interactively how fine stainless steel
mesh is produced during the tour.

photo by Keiji Okubo

Cultural Support

We have donated stainless steel mesh to various universities, participated in
collaborative projects, and offered support at various events.

For Employees

We greatly care for our employees, and we consider our company a society we must
contribute to. This is the first step of CSR.

Stylish Cafeteria

For our team to properly rest up on their breaks, we have a stylish
cafeteria prepared for their comfort. Furniture was chosen knowing that many people take naps.
There is also a Library Corner, for those who like to relax with a book.

Relaxation Corner

Because there are no convenience stores nearby, we provide snacks and instant
noodles for 100 yen. Many people stop by before they go home.

Long-term Service Award

To show our appreciation to people who stay with
us long-term, we have Long Term Service Awards to mark their 10th, 20th, and 30th year. It
includes a special paid holiday and incentive pay based on the number of years being celebrated.

Summer Festival

At the Kagoshima Plant, we irregularly hold
a summer festival. We have a field day, bingo competition, performances, and more, that
employees and their families can enjoy together.

Self-development Support

We have arranged that any employee who wishes to can register to take online seminars though
Schoo. We of course fully support anyone who attends seminars in person as well.

Congratulatory/Condolence Money

We provide congratulatory money gifts for births and marriages, and gifts of condolence for illness
or personal loss.