Interviews with Current Employees

Let us introduce some of our staff. Read about their work and what they think of it, their goals, their dreams, and the things they’ve overcome along the way.

Production Dept. Final Inspection Div.
Joined the company in 2018

Production Dept. Final Inspection Div.

What do you do?

I handle the three-point measurement of mesh thickness. Our company’s mesh is controlled to the micrometer; therefore, thickness is measured in three different places every one meter of length. But it’s not just thickness– we also check for any kind of damage as well.

In quality control, we also verify the condition of rolled mesh, cut mesh, and use specialized equipment to do that work.

What’s the best thing about working for Asada Mesh?

They have great benefits. It’s easy to take paid days off, of course, but also you can choose any day off during your birthday month and it doesn’t affect your salary.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

You really need to concentrate, and my eyes get tired. Also, you try to work at a good pace while looking for damage and taking measurements, so you always have to be alert.
Quality control has the last say in what products are shipped to the customer. It’s always in the back of our minds that if we make a mistake and send out a sub-par product, it’ll cause problems for a lot of people, so we carefully concentrate on our work. 

Why did you choose Asada Mesh?

After graduating university, I was working in a different prefecture, but I made a U-turn and decided to look for work in manufacturing. That’s when I heard of Asada Mesh.
I was attracted because there are holidays and benefits, and the type of work called to me as well. I thought it sounded like a perfect match. Another reason is that my previous job I did have some experience handling mesh, and I was surprised that it was being manufactured in my hometown, so I felt like things had come full circle.

What kind of person is a good match for your job?

People who can make decisions calmly and carefully. You have to look at it from the customer’s point of view, so more than someone who would just say “oh, it’s good enough”, someone who can run inspections more than once and look from a different perspective would be a better match.
Additionally, it’s not just inspections. In the case that damage or an error is found in the product, we need to communicate that to other departments– so someone who also has people skills would be a great match.

How do you spend your time off?

I golf. I play with friends or family, or even just by myself. I only started playing golf after joining the workforce but I’m pretty into it right now.

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